General information

Vitebsk State vytvorchae Forestry Association is part of the Ministry of Forestry of the Republic of Belarus and is a territorial body of forest management. The main objective of Association - the implementation of a package of measures aimed at ensuring the reproduction, protection of forests and sustainable forest management.
The association, the rights of legal entities, includes 19 forestry institutions (forestry enterprises), which are subdivided into 147 forest districts, 482 shops and 1597 rounds sites. Forest area under the jurisdiction of union - 87.5% of the forest areas.
The association operates 6.4 thousand. Man. The number of workers state forest protection is 2390 people.
FME has various activities: silviculture, forestry and industrial production, by-forest use.
The forest fund is administered by the Vitebsk GPLHO constitutes 1622.7 thousand. Ha, including wooded land make up 1299.6 thousand. Ha. Of the total forest area of ​​48% is covered by forests of 1st group.
The total stock of wood in the forests of Association - 272.6 million cubic meters, including softwood 142.3 thousand cubic meters.. m.
The average stock on 1 ha of forested land is 195 cubic meters. m of mature and over-mature stands -. 240 cubic meters
The average increase per 1 hectare of forested land - 3.8 cu. m
The average age of Lumber - '52
Allowable cut - 2314.5 thousand cubic meters.