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Belarusian loggers equip with the most modern technology

The Swedish company with 100 years of history has won an international tender for the supply of a large batch of logging equipment in Belarus.
Ministry of Forestry of Belarus has chosen the supplier of forestry equipment. Contract in the amount of CZK 160 million (or approximately $ 19 million), including the World Bank allocated resources on a global program of fleet renewal, concluded with the Swedish company Vimek.
Vimek, located in a small (population -. About 2.4 thousand inhabitants) Vindeln town, has won the international competition for the supply of logging machinery Belarusian forestries. Competitors Swedes were still 7 international manufacturers of harvesters (multioperational machines deforestation).
Under the deal, which became the largest in the history of the Swedish company, it is a period of three years will supply to Belarus 126 harvester the two models, as well as provide them with after-sales equipment, supply of spare parts and training. Park harvesters Mogilev region filled up 13 new machines.
Vimek machinery already present in the forests of Belarus. Several years ago, a Swedish company supplied 12 harvesters for forestry enterprises of Brest region.
Vimek - the daughter of one of the largest industrial conglomerates in Scandinavia Finnish Kone Corporation.
Companies from the Scandinavian countries traditionally work actively with Belarus and the Belarusian market.